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What We Do

Jackson Financial Services is an investment advisory firm providing financial services to dentists and physicians. 

Fiduciary Duty

The fiduciary standard we uphold as investment advisors requires that we put our client’s interests above our own. It consists of a duty of loyalty and care, and means that we must act in the best interest of our clients. This differs from the broker-dealer standard, which only concerns suitability, which is defined as making recommendations that are consistent with the best interests of the client, but make no claim as to whether their own interests are above or below those of their clients.

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Health Care Professionals

Trying to find a few minutes in between seeing patients to call and ask about your investments accounts, or carving out time on your one day off to discuss retirement planning is tough. Our clients appreciate that when they call, we’re available, rather than playing phone tag for days on end. Questions get answered, right away. You want and need efficiency, and to know that someone is looking after your funds during those times when your practice takes up all of your time. Meeting with you when it works for you, understanding the ins and outs of practice transition, and keeping up with the latest in tax and estate law changes are all a part of our core business practices.

Financial planning is a process, and not just a one-look binder full of projections of some far-off retirement day in the future.  Your needs change, and often so does your risk tolerance. That’s why having an objective voice to know when to alter course, or to maintain your existing plan, is so important.

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Valuable Resources


We invite clients to visit with us anytime, but also hold conferences where we gather experts from the world of investing to speak directly to our clients and subscribers in an intimate setting in the heart of historic Charleston, South Carolina. Please contact us for dates and information on upcoming events.

Sessions typically include :

  • Diverse strategies to grow your wealth
  • What steps should you take to protect your portfolio
  • Inflation Hedging strategies
  • Retirement plan changes
  • Economic Outlook

Hosted by Mason Moise,  the Jackson Financial Services Life Planning Seminar is a tax-deductible course offering investors the opportunity to learn from leading money managers in an informal setting that includes ample time for one-on-one meetings with these investment professionals as well as socializing with colleagues from around the country.

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The Jackson Letter is published monthly and contains useful and timely articles on investing, retirement planning topics, discussions with leading experts, and model portfolios suitable for different risk profiles.

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